Give Thanks To The Most High

Prayers move mountain but praises moves God, learn to give thank to the Lord.

Have you ever noticed that most of the times we pay respect to God and give Him thanks, is when we feel that He has done something good for us? Maybe it was something that we had been praying for or wanting for a while and we finally received it. But do you know that you could have awakened this morning unable to see anything, to hear anything, to smell anything, to say anything, to feel anything or even to sense anything? Yes it is true.

All these things, we sometimes take for granted and forget to give thanks and praise to the Lord. The only time it means anything to us, is when we don’t have it. For instance, when we have the flu and we cannot breathe or smell properly, we are quick to pray and ask God to restore our health, so that we can breathe and smell again without any difficulty. As soon as the virus subsides and we are back to normal, we occasionally remember to thank God.
Give thank to the Lord
How would you feel if you had children and you gave them everything that they needed and much more, but they neglected to show you any appreciation? I know my mother is very upset with me when she spends the whole morning sweeping and washing down around the house for me and I do not notice. I would come home late in the evening and most times not observe, because my mind was preoccupied on dinner or something else. The few times that I did take notice of her hard labor, I thanked her and I would sense a positive reception in her aura. My problem is that at times I take my mum and the things she do for me for granted. I know that I need to show more gratitude. Likewise, with God, we take the air we breathe and all the other things which we wrongly consider insignificant, for granted. We forget to give thanks and praise to the Lord. Could you imagine the earth with no gravity, no light, no water, no fish, no animals and no vegetation?

To top it off, God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for us so that we could have an eternal relationship with Him in heaven. Yet, we do not always remember to give thanks. Maybe, if we understood what was accomplished at the cross when Jesus died for us, we would be more appreciative. Long ago before the days of Jesus Christ, God made a covenant with His people, the Jews, that He would set aside a special day once a year, whereby animals such as sheep, bulls and goats would be sacrificed and the blood of the animals used as a sin offering onto the Lord. This was known as Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). The High Priest would have to do certain rituals such as praying, fasting, bathing etc. prior to entering the Holy of Holies, where the Lord was present. If the High Priest did anything wrong with respect to the ritual, he would be killed instantly. But once everything went well, the sins of the people would be forgiven and they would have to do the same thing all over again the following year. This did not stop the people from sinning and becoming corrupted. Therefore, another solution to our sin problem had to be established.

He was the long awaited unblemished lamb that the prophets in the Old Testament spoke about. His blood was the perfect offering to be used for the forgiveness of all our sins. And when He died, His mission to save the world was completed.

Jesus Christ was the solution to our sin problem. God decided to send His Son to live on the earth, which He created. Jesus came unlike a king, without any glory and splendor, but as a very poor human being. He was so humble that His own people, the Jews, refused to accept Him. When John the Baptist (the greatest prophet) knew that Jesus was about to enter the scene, he cried out “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world”. That description of Jesus tells us the purpose of His coming to the earth. He was the long awaited unblemished lamb that the prophets in the Old Testament spoke about. His blood was the perfect offering to be used for the forgiveness of all our sins. And when He died, His mission to save the world was completed. That is why we can now boast, we are saved by His love and cleansed from our sins by His blood.

Sin is what separated us from God, but Jesus paved a way to restore us back to our Father. Because He was rejected by the Jews, He opened up an invitation to anyone who believes in Him and receives Him in their life, to spend eternity with Him in heaven. All we have to do is believe. Imagine that, a free gift given to us and we did not have to work for it or perform any good deeds to become eligible to receive it. We can do one of two things. Either accept His gift or reject it. Which one will you choose?

(Psalm 136:1) Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love endures forever.

Lord, we thank you for everything you have done in our lives and everything You are about to do. Thanks for providing us with the things we asked for and especially the things we took for granted in the past. Help us Lord, not to be caught up in this world and lose track of Your mercy and grace. When the enemy comes to distract us, give us the strength and wisdom to defeat him, all the time. Above all Father, we thank You for sending Your Son to die for us and for making a free way for us to be with You in Your Kingdom of Heaven.


Source: Gerald Munroe

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